Pledge of Achievement

As a person or business committed to the continued growth and development of Southern Nevada, I plan to support CCSD and engage my voice, my time and my energy to improve student achievement throughout Clark County.

Terms And Conditions

Pledge of Achievement

As a person or business committed to the continued growth and development of Southern Nevada, I plan to support CCSD and engage my voice, my time and my energy to improve student achievement throughout Clark County.

Terms And Conditions

Every Student. Every Classroom.
Every Member of Our Community.

We all have a role in building the future of Southern Nevada.

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The Pledge of Achievement:
One Community. One Commitment.

If our students achieve excellence, so will our community. But we must all work together toward that goal. That’s why Clark County School District has created the Pledge of Achievement. When you join us and take the pledge, you will join the growing force in our community — parents and non-parents alike — in the commitment to work toward a higher level of achievement in all of our schools. In taking the Pledge, you are joining the CCSD in making a commitment to:

  • Actively engage in the issues
  • Take specific action
  • As a parent or as a business person, be involved in key programs and initiatives

For more information on how you can get involved, please click here.

Join Your
Community in
Taking the Pledge

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Dawn Wallace

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Linda Harmon

A Plan for the Future

CCSD has created a long-term, detailed Pledge of Achievement action plan focused on deploying budget and resources in support of four priorities:

  • Better training and preparation of current and prospective teachers and school leaders
  • Increasing engagement of students, staff, parents and the community
  • Providing a demonstrated return on investment on all district funds and expenditures
  • Focusing support for new ideas

For more detail on our Pledge of Achievement action plan, click here.


We believe accountability for reaching goals and milestones is paramount. We encourage you to follow our progress in the key measures we have outlined in the Pledge of Achievement plan. To see the district scorecard with the goals as set by the Board of Trustees, please click here. Updates will be posted regularly and we invite you to monitor our progress.

CCSD Board of Trustees – New District Scorecard Aligned with Pledge of Achievement Goals

Pledge of Achievement

As a person or business committed to the continued growth and development of Southern Nevada, I plan to support CCSD and engage my voice, my time and my energy to improve student achievement throughout Clark County.

Terms And Conditions